Thursday, 1 March 2012

'Us Boys' Documentary film

Filmed over four years, this documentary follows the daily lives of Ernie & Stewart Morrow,  Ulster Scots bachelor brothers who farm Oldchurch in Glenarm, Co. Antrim.  It looks as if the 20th century has passed this place by but the brothers are proud and want nothing to do with modern trappings.  Both men never got married, but they do not regret it, as they are very fond of their freedom. When his brother and companion of 75 years dies, Erinie continues to live as he has done for the past eighty years, in an old farmhouse without electricity. Although this film is only around 15 years old it already seems to be from a bygone time and a traditional lifestyle that has all but disappeared.

I like the part where Ernie is talking about his family history: "We are what they call the Scots-Irish.... We are not the full Scotch. A wean of big boys came in (from Scotland). And there were three Morrows came in and they were all over six foot tall. And one went to Co. Down, One went to Co. Antrim and one went to Co. Derry....Three brothers... and that's what brought the Morrows in."

This film is in Ulster-Scots with German subtitles. It's a pity i cant find the English subtitled version, as even those who are familiar with the Ulster-Scots tongue will have difficulty understanding all of this due to the low audio quality.

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